TEC 29.001(10)
Texas Education Code § 29.001. Statewide Plan. 

The agency shall develop, and modify as necessary, a statewide design, consistent with federal law, for the delivery of services to children with disabilities in this state that includes rules for the administration and funding of the special education program so that a free appropriate public education is available to all of those children between the ages of three and 21.  The statewide design shall include the provision of services primarily through school districts and shared services arrangements, supplemented by regional education service centers.  The agency shall also develop and implement a statewide plan with programmatic content that includes procedures designed to:
. . . 
(10)  ensure that an individual assigned to act as a surrogate parent for a child with a disability, as provided by 20 U.S.C. Section 1415(b), is required to: 
    (A)  complete a training program that complies with minimum standards established by agency rule; 
    (B)  visit the child and the child's school;                                 
    (C)  consult with persons involved in the child's education, including teachers, caseworkers, court-appointed volunteers, guardians ad litem, attorneys ad litem, foster parents, and caretakers; 
    (D)  review the child's educational records;                                 
    (E)  attend meetings of the child's admission, review, and dismissal committee; 
    (F)  exercise independent judgment in pursuing the child's interests;  and 
    (G)  exercise the child's due process rights under applicable state and federal law; and
. . . 

Last Amended: 86th Leg., R.S., Ch. 943 (H.B. 3), Sec. 3.023, eff. June 12, 2019
Entered: July 17, 2019