34 Code of Federal Regulations § 300.30  Parent.   

(a) Parent means—   
    (1) A biological or adoptive parent of a child;   
    (2) A foster parent, unless State law, regulations, or contractual obligations with a State or local entity prohibit a foster parent from acting as a parent;   
    (3) A guardian generally authorized to act as the child’s parent, or authorized to make educational decisions for the child (but not the State if the child is a ward of the State);   
    (4) An individual acting in the place of a biological or adoptive parent (including a grandparent, stepparent, or other relative) with whom the child lives, or an individual who is legally responsible for the child’s welfare; or   
    (5) A surrogate parent who has been appointed in accordance with §300.519 or section 639(a)(5) of the Act.   
. . . 

Last Amended:  71 FR 46760, Aug. 14, 2006
Entered:  June 8, 2009