34 Code of Federal Regulations § 300.101  Free appropriate public education (FAPE).    

. . . 
(b) FAPE for children beginning at age 3.
    (1) Each State must ensure that—   
       (i) The obligation to make FAPE available to each eligible child residing in the State begins no later than the child’s third birthday; and   
       (ii) An IEP or an IFSP is in effect for the child by that date, in accordance with §300.323(b).   
    (2) If a child’s third birthday occurs during the summer, the child’s IEP Team shall determine the date when services under the IEP or IFSP will begin.  
. . . 

Last Amended:  71 FR 46762, Aug. 14, 2006
Entered:  May 28, 2009