34 Code of Federal Regulations § 300.137  Equitable services determined.   

. . . 
(c) Services plan for each child served under §§300.130 through 300.144. If a child with a disability is enrolled in a religious or other private school by the child’s parents and will receive special education or related services from an LEA, the LEA must—   
    (1) Initiate and conduct meetings to develop, review, and revise a services plan for the child, in accordance with §300.138(b); and   
    (2) Ensure that a representative of the religious or other private school attends each meeting. If the representative cannot attend, the LEA shall use other methods to ensure participation by the religious or other private school, including individual or conference telephone calls.

Last Amended:  72 FR 61306, Oct. 30, 2007
Entered:  May 28, 2009